If we go further, we will get the circa 1950's-60's vintage wedding cake topper, which will be a wonderful addition to any collection of cake toppers. In this cake topper, the vintage bride and groom are constructed out of vintage plastic and are dressed in wedding attire of the period. With a grand retro looking, the bride has a faux peal tiara with a vintage wedding dress, culminating in a gorgeous fully intact off-white vintage fabric lace wedding dress.

No mater what theme you choose for your wedding cake. Decide on a wedding cake topper that reflects your personality, style and add that extra something – elegant and unique to your wedding. You will be surprised on the amount of comment and complements you will get on how beautiful the wedding cake topper was.

While many wedding cake toppers feature the traditional styling of a modern bride and groom, some couples prefer cake toppers with a distinct vintage or retro look. Others like more of an abstract wedding cake topper, where the figures aren’t two realistic figures but a porcelain statue evoking the image of a bride and groom. Some couples may choose wedding cake toppings with an artsy appearance and feel to them.

Fondant: This is a commonly used icing for wedding cake. Why? Well, it's not because of it's taste, that's for sure. The reason fondant icing is commonly used is due to the fact that it's the best icing for creating & maintaining gorgeous wedding cake decorations & designs.

For something different have a personalized topper made in your own images. Send the model maker a photograph of the two of you and maybe one of your wedding dress if you want your model to be wearing a replica of your dress. They can then produce a model that's as individual and unique as you are. This style of topper also makes a wonderful souvenir of your wedding.

The important part of getting the best wedding cake for a wedding is to know where to find a good best wedding cake. There are a lot of cake shops to choose from, and picking the right one must be done right in the beginning.

The basic thing about cake decorating that every enthusiastic baker should have an idea about is the style called layering. Although some people might consider layering a cake to be too over-the-top like a wedding cake, it is actually a good way to make the cake more presentable and attractive in normal occasions. Layering cakes could be dependent upon the situation, as every kind entails different materials and preparations. Some bakers could use rotating boards like a miniature Lazy Susan or a drum board for cake layers. These pieces of hard materials are good choices for those cakes that have four layers or less, because five and above layers would be too much for the drum board or rotating stand to handle. In between layers, it is a good idea to also place a flat board. To finish it off, a layer of cream could conceal the boards. The cake should then be placed in a large enough freezer so that the integrity of the whole cake could be maintained.