Traditionally a wedding cake is located in a place of honor at the couple’s wedding reception. Usually the wedding cake is prominently and strategically placed near the head table at the wedding reception. Wedding cakes are on display for the guests to see and admire until the bride and groom cut their cake. The use of a wedding cake topper or wedding cake toppings can be the finishing touch which crowns the couple’s wedding cake. There are a number of options when it comes to wedding cake toppings.

Once fondant icing hardens, the designs & decorations will remain in place and in perfect condition until the cake is ready to be eaten. The unfortunate drawback, this icing (usually) tastes like dung; at least according to most people.

Possibly the most inexpensive option. A simple white cake can be enhanced by a few flowers which match your bouquet and other arrangements. Ask your florist to provide you with a few extra for your cake. As an alternative you can ask them to make up some simple sprays to decorate around the tiers or to make a more elaborate topper for you. If you want to keep the topper get one made in silk or paper flowers instead.

Wedding cake is one the important item placed in the wedding catalog. Before the wedding ceremony is going to be held people have no time to breathe even but that cannot be the reason if you are forgetting about the wedding cake. Traditionally people find it lucky if getting a chance to eat wedding cake as the bride and groom are blessed by God and by many other people. So it is better not to miss the opportunity of eating wedding cake and to shower your blessings on the married couple.

When people think about frostings or cake icings, many ideas could come to mind. However, the following essential techniques are valuable in every baker's arsenal. One of the most popular cake decorations that bakers could ever use is the royal icing. Royal icing requires time to prepare for, but this added effort bears good results. Royal icing is a good addition to a cake because it makes it a lot more appealing and sophisticated. To prepare this kind of icing, only metal utensils and bowls must be used, because plastic utensils tend to collect oil that could compromise the integrity the royal icing.

Wedding cakes were traditionally vanilla or white cakes. However, in recent years, there has been a trend towards choosing a wedding cake of a more unusual flavor. Current favorites include hazelnut, raspberry almond, carrot cake, banana cake, and a variety of flavors that incorporate fresh fruits. One advantage to of many these flavors is that they are likely to create a moister wedding cake. The traditional plain cake often tends to be too dry.

Purchasing cakes online are an entirely new experience for many people. However, choosing the right cake delivery online is really very similar to buying a cake from your local bakery. The advantage is that there is a greater selection to choose from and often the final cake is fresher and more beautiful than what you would order from your local bakery.